High Priestess of the Power Chicks (barrettfaneuf) wrote,
High Priestess of the Power Chicks

One for Dirtsailor

I guess this is a "Fan-Mail Special". Also I'd like to thank all the international folks who drop by, I am thrilled that folks from the UK to Poland to NZ seem to enjoy following along. Thanks for reading!

Anyway, Dirtsailor asked what the engine is. It's a brand-new Beta Marine BZ482. Beta Marine is a UK firm that marinizes Kubota diesel engines. This one is rated at 13.5 BHP, about twice what the boat will ever need for herself alone. This means I won't worry using her to tow other boats. Other boats like, say, the PB ;) .

So anyway, the engine is ridiculously cute. I squee'd excessively when it arrived.

Beta Marine engine

It weighs less than 200 lbs, which for a 2-cylinder diesel engine with transmission and heat exchanger, is pretty darn good.
In case the sense of scale was missing, I added a visual aid to scale:
Engien with non-endorsement scale

I bought it from Joe at Sound Marine Diesel in Connecticut, who I have no hesitation plugging as helpful and businesslike.

Hope that answers your question, DS! I gotta go turn epoxy-squeezled floors into something photographable.

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